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Stir like crazy                                                                                                                                                              Mans
This is a really useful recipe to know, coz most kitchens will have the necessary. It’s a perfect dish for when you are tiered and lazy, or when you have to make a quick plan to feed unexpected guests. It’s especially great for when you and your mates come home at daybreak, after a bender, coz it’s immediate and a bit like eating a bacon and egg breky.

I’m about to go off on a tangent again, so skip to the recipe if you find me boring. This storey features the Legendary E-man, who is always having key epics.

A couple of mates and I were on some or other mission, when we arrived to collect the E to join us; he excitedly opened the door, only to discover that he had lost the keys to the security gate. It wasn’t long before fold up chairs and tea was passed through the gaps in the gate and we were having a splendid time, the E on one side of the gate and the three of us on the other.
Now a person can only drink so much tea, so we sensibly moved onto beer and started having an even better time. Soon our ‘hungies’ started hanging out, so E disappeared into the kitchen and it wasn’t long before he reappeared with bowls of steaming Spaghetti Carbonara. Our great excitement quickly turned to intense disappointment, when we realised the bowls couldn’t fit through the gate’s vertical slots. I had this disturbing vision of a very happy and fat E on the one side of the gate and a very miserable and skinny, three of us on the opposite side.
Unfazed, the ever Zen E, tipped all the pasta back into the pan, turned the bowls sideways, posted them through the slots and preceded to dish up through the gate. A carbonara is yet to taste so good.
That’s the thing about the E, he takes life’s bothers with a light and loving heart and soon those hiccups turn into the most delightful adventures. I can’t wait for him to loose his keys again.

Wot you'll need                                                                                       Mans
This is how the E-man taught me to make a Spaghetti Carbonara for 4-6 people

Wot you need
- Box (500g) of spaghetti
- A glug of olive oil
- 8/10 slices of bacon/pancetta (there are no rules, throw in more if you want)
-  About 4 eggs lightly beaten with a fork
- Grated pecorino/parmigano cheese (pecorino is preferable)
- Chives/parsley (optional - chives always go down well with eggs and bacon)
- Salt and pepper to taste

 Wot to do
Get a generous pot of water with plenty of salt on the go for the spaghetti. While it’s waiting to boil, chop up your bacon/pancetta into little pieces and fry them with a glug of olive oil, on a low heat. When the pasta water is boiling, add the spaghetti and give it a good stir to stop it from sticking. Turn off the pan, when the bacon/pancetta is crispy. About now, the pasta should be close to aldente, when it is, schnabb with some tongs or a one of those spaghetti spoon thingies and put in the bacon/pancetta pan. Don’t fuss if the pasta isn’t well drained, coz you want a bit of pasta water. Pour in the eggs and stir like crazy. The trick is to get the temperature of the pan just right – if it’s too hot, the eggs will scramble, if it’s too cold, you’ll have the unpleasant business of dealing with runny raw eggs. Add some pasta water, a little at a time and the cheese, until the dish is creamy but not watery. It might take you a go or two, to figure the dish out, but once you do, you’ll be proudly puffing out you chest every time. (It’s definitely worth botching it up a few times before you get it right). Finally mix in the chives/parsley.
Don’t dilly-dally when you make this dish, coz it getz cold in the blink of an eye, so get it to the table pronto.

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