Monday, November 19, 2012


The ever comforting crumble.                                                                                            Mans

I just missed my gap to make a little something from mulberries last season and was determined not to miss out this year, which gave me nearly a year to ‘mull’ over wot to make. I asked heaps of people wot mulberries meant to them and it seemed that the little berries transported everyone back to their childhood, be it  silkworms or angry mothers moaning about purple stains on their clothes. My mulberry dish simply had to be something that is kid friendly. I really wanted to make a short crust mulberry pie, coz I wanted to use the name ‘Purple Finger Pie’, but making short crust pastry can be a little tricky, so I went for a crumble and the simplest one possible. The result was better then I could have ever have hoped for

Wot you need
2/3rds cake flour
1/3rd butter
A baking dish full of freshly plucked mulberries.
A shake of sugar 

                                                                                                         Wot to do
Don't skimp on the butter        Mans
No escaping purple fingers     Mans
If you know me, you’ll know, I’m not one for exact measurements, but let me try to guide you through my rather haphazard crumble method – Estimate the amount of flour that would generously cover the area of your baking dish and some. Now add half the flour amount of chopped cold butter, then sprinkle in some sugar, til it’s sweet enough for your taste. With your hands work the butter into the flour and sugar mix til it’s all crumbly. Pop the crumble mix in a pre-heated oven at about 180 degrees c for about 5 mins. This gives it an extra crunchy edge.

Ok, I threw a sliced apple, just because.                                      Mans
Now onto the mulberry part - Pull out those little green stems from every berry, it might take some time, but it’s important that you really focus and get completely absorbed in the moment, just as a kid would and before you know it you have a dish full of the deep purple nuggets ready for sugaring. Shake sugar over the mulberries. This is when I get out of ‘kid mode’ for just a moment, coz I like to have that mouth puckering tartness to my crumble, but if you want to express your inner child, shake that sugar packet a bit or a lot longer. By the time you have done all of this, your blind baked crumble should long ago be out the oven. Cover your dish of mulberries and sugar with the crumble and pop in the oven til the crumble is golden brown and purple lava bubbles through the crumble around the edges, and if you are really lucky you might get an odd purple geyser bursting through other parts of the crumble. Serve hot with pouring cream, custard or ice cream.

Yum...                                                                                                                                                                                Mans

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