Friday, December 21, 2012


So our pig circus draws to a close with this, the finale blog, which is in video form. Please check it out.

                                                Click on the pic to see the video blog

What a challenging and educational experience it has been, to follow a project like this though. Just about every angle we chose offered a new experience. In fact, I remember the day before the feast, when seasoned Chef Stef and I had been cooking non stop for a good while, when Stef said something to the effect of, ‘Just about everything that I have made in the last two days, I have done for the first time’. Basically we put ourselves way out of our comfort zones. We could never have pulled this event off, without expert help form Martin Raubenheimer from Cured, who sausage was as good as it gets, his smoked bones, which we made our pea soup were ridiculously delicious (we gouged ourselves in the kitchen on these flavor bombs) and his gammon was the finest I have tasted. Then there was Andre Cole and Debora, who gave up a day and night in their busy schedules to help us, Andrew you are a brilliant and loving chef, your gammon poached in coke was sublime. Then there were the usual suspects, Harry and Stef. Harry, I’m bummed your Concita soap is now finished; you just can’t buy soap like that anymore. Stef, was the foundation of all that was food for this event. Stef, without a doubt your tripe was the best I have eaten and your Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, I could live on alone, pity our black pudding failed. Stef, you are THE MAN. A special thanks to our paying guest Pieter Joubert, who took control of the Pigs Eyes (a blue berry set in limoncello jelly) and in doing so, upped the anti. He also made the candles, and took over the Mince Pie Department when I lost my sense of humor – shot Pete

The Setting                                                                               Mans
On the video side, a massive thanks needs to go to Robin, Salama, but mostly Lucy, who bust a gut to get this vlog out. Also, thanks to Mans for the fine stills photos and to Moose for the loan of his fancy camera gear.

Those alone I could live on                                       Mans

A Smoked Bone and Pea Soup, with kitsch presentation Mans

Curried Tripe and Trotters - yum I want more             Mans

Sublime Gammon                                                          Mans

Thanks to The Thabang Cultural Dancers, who were guests of Andre's for the weekend. They performed heart and a delightful energy for only a only pork sausage rolls. Thank you. Once again thanks to Celeste for her performance, she is the ultimate pro. 

A beautiful Thabang Cultural Dancer       Man 

Last but not least, thank you Andre’ for making your venue available (clearing it out and painting it took weeks of work), for you amazing art and décor, your guidance and finally for Concita, who I know had a wonderful life while she was with us. She was without a doubt the star of the show.

Mince Pies made with Concita lard                            Mans

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