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The syrup from the green fig preserve takes this dish full circle                                          Mans
Sometime in early summer I posted a blog that included a video on how to make green fig preserve. In that blog I explained that the first figs of the season do not ripen, so they’re really only good for preserving. Check out -

This ones not quite ready yet                              Mans
Now is the hottest time of the year (don’t forget that I live in Cape Town) and all those fig trees that are lurking  in the neighbourhood are drooping with ripe figs… that’s if the birds and other ‘urban hunter gatherers’ haven’t already schnabbed ‘em.

‘Coz I like to go full circle, I thought I might check out the same tree that we got the video blog figs from, to see if there were any ripe ones to chomp. It just so happened it was Valentine’s Day when I stomped over the parched earth and thirsty vegetation to pluck just a few soft, ripe figs.

This one is                                                                 Mans
‘Oooo!’, I thought to myself as I gently pressed a fig to see if it would be worthy of a Valentine dessert. ‘I can split open a fig and lay it provocatively on a fragile bed of phyllo pastry, top it with a scoop of mascarpone and dribble it with lashings of honey’. What a decadent and sensuous Valentine’s pudding that would be. But when the moment arrived there was a small problem: by the time we got round to the dessert part of the meal, Laura and I were so very well plastered on fine wine that the thought of painting melted butter on phyllo leaves seemed all too much. So I skipped the phyllo and the result was this ‘No Fuss Fig’ pud. A sexy and simple summer dessert.

Just when I thought the storey woz done, it wozn’t… Coz just last night, when I made No Fuss Figs for some friends, I had a little light bulb moment and added not only honey, but also some of the Green Fig Preserve syrup from the earlier figs. This really made the dish even more deliciously figgy. A sort of “Buy one, get one free” bonus.

Now I feel I have gone full circle.

I think this is a sexy dessert                                                              Mans
One season, one tree, one dish two different figs.                                Mans
How beautiful is that?                                                                             Mans

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