Monday, March 11, 2013


Not bad for a two minute meal? I chopped some chives in, coz I have plenty & you can't go wrong with them & eggs  Me

Like the noodles themselves, this is an instant blog.
City living can be so hectic (like mine is right now) that when your hungry is hanging out, you only have time to slap some bread into the toaster or make a basic sandwich. Here is another option, which takes the same amount of time.
Follow the instructions on the packet of instant noodles. If you are like me and dig a soft egg, when they are close to ready, break an egg into the middle. Obviously if you don’t dig soft, break your egg in sooner. You can also do that ‘Asian stringy eggy thingy’, where you scramble the egg into the broth, which is rather fun. Oh, while we are on the Asian theme, why not splash in some soy sauce too.

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