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A relaxed vibe at The Delicious Monster - We are getting closer to opening…….                                                  Lauren

Some of you may be wondering whatever happened to Stef and my ‘café style’ deli called ‘Sour Fig’, which I wrote a blog about a while back. Well, the name has been abandoned, but not the project. We are incrementally still plodding along on our mission, when time and funds are available. We are delighted to announce the quirky new name is ‘THE DELICIOUS MONSTER’, named after the rather yummy fruit, which is common in many of our suburban gardens, yet is seldom eaten.

We are not open for business yet, but we have hosted a few events in the style that we are hoping to operate, which is to be as sustainable as possible. We intend to use locally grown (within the neighborhood) and foraged produce where possible. We also have a zero waste policy.

Our visiting academic friend Lauren Biermann gave us a good kick up the butt (which we so richly deserved to get our shit together) when she suggested we host a farewell party for her and about 40 foodie friends at the Delicious Monster. The deal was that she would cover the cost of the meal as well as cover the event with her wonderful photographic skills: a deal we were all happy with.

Just as were scratching our heads about what the menu should be, the familiar squawk of a ‘vuzuzela’ came up with the answer. You see, in Walmer Estate, the neighborhood of The Delicious Monster’ there is a traditional ‘Snoek (a local and sustainable fish) bakkie’ (pick up truck) that does its rounds selling fresh fish to the residents. The ‘vuzuzela’ (a plastic horn made famous / infamous during the FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa) has replaced a piece of dried hollow kelp, which was traditionally blown to let the neighborhood know that snoek was for sale. (See my past snoek blog -

Anyhow, back to the menu. So we decided that ‘braaied’ (barbequed) snoek and a vegetarian Bobotie (South Africa’s national dish) would be a great main course. Both dishes are classics of the area. 

A Mezze Platter of Foraged Goodies
Nasturtium pesto
Pickled pine ring mushrooms

Braaied Snoek with a gooseberry (from my garden) basting or Bobotie.
Served with -
A foraged salad of wild cress, wild sweet peas and sliced bulrush
Tomato and basil salad (from my garden)

Baklava with foraged green fig syrup and homemade yoghurt.

The local 'snoek bakkie' complete with 'vuvuzela'                           Ian Ian
I love watching the experts dealing with fish                                      Ian Ian
The 'snoek bakkie' with The Delicious Monster in the background  Ian Ian
Stef and Ian Ian (a snoek expert himself - see above snoek link)                                          Lauren
What a pic! Foraging fennel flowers for garnishing the snoek                                                                                    Lauren
Samphire time …                                                                                   Lauren
Samphire (awesome pic, Lauren)                                                                                                                                         Lauren
Garden gooseberries together with butter and garlic make a great snoek-basting sauce                                      Lauren
Beautifully cooked snoek with a samphire and fennel flower garnish   Lauren
Wrestling with the bullrushes                                                          Lauren
A slice of yummy bullrush                                                                Lauren
A happy Stef foraging wild watercress for our salad                                                                                                   Lauren
Tomatoes and basil from my garden                   Lauren
Some of the bounty                                                                                 Lauren
The UHG on his mission                                                                   Lauren
Wild sweet pea shoots and peas for the salad                                                                                                                   Lauren
These wild sweet peas were so yummy                                              Lauren
Drinking water from Newlands spring   Lauren
A casual evening - just how we like it                                                                    Lauren
Brown lentil and butternut bobotie                                                     Lauren    
Green figs, green for the picking                                                            Mans
Green figs on their way to being preserved                                             UHG
The baklava process                                      Lauren
The happy mob getting stuck in                                                                                                                                           Lauren

Finally as massive thanks to Mans, Ian Ian and especially Lauren for the fantastic pics.

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  1. Love your wild foraging. I am slowly learning to use more foraged food in meals. I have just finished making nettle soup and a couple of kilos of nettle pasta. Love prickly pears too.