Monday, June 15, 2015


Isn't that a happy and comforting sight?                                                                                                                       Mans
For me, pizza should be a simple no-nonsense affair; as soon as it gets complicated you have lost the plot.  It’s a true case of, ‘less is more’. Too many goodies will make the base floppy and it’s all about the base… isn’t it?

A quick scrounge around for some toppings                                      Mans
A few unexpected field mushrooms                                                  Mans
I haven’t always felt this way though. When I was a student my friend Robin and I worked as waiters at a pizza restaurant, at the end of a shift we were allowed to take a pizza home with us. We would pile loads of everything on and then smother it with a mountain of cheese. Back then it was all about quantity and making the most of a free meal to fuel our naughty and uncontainable energy. A big soggy mess was preferred over a minimalist crispy delight.

With age has come some refinement, even if only in the pizza department.

'Bokoms' (salted and dried fish) marinaded in lemon and olive oil in place of anchovies     Mans
A perfect pizza according to The Urban Hunter Gatherer must have…
a blistered and crispy base.
only a few added ingredients.
a restrained amount of cheese and tomato sauce.
a spot or two that has been burnt black.
certain goodies only added after it has come out of the oven; e.g. avo, rocket.

Added note – It should be compulsory to eat it with your hands, unless you are young and uncouth and prefer that soggy-cheesy mess, only then is a knife and fork is acceptable. Chopped garlic and chilly on the side is a happy thing.

I love kneading dough                                                                                                                                                         Mans
This exhibitionist manoeuvre achieved nothing other than creating a hole or two in the base; it was worth it     Mans
Feta and foraged spinach                                                                                                                                                      Mans
Foraged olives, nasturtium 'capers' and bokoms. A Cape rendition of a 'Napoletana'                                               Mans
Blistered and buckled, just the way I like it                                                                                                                      Mans      
Simple and rustic. What more do you want in a pizza?                                                                                                        Mans
Leftover pizza
Any leftover pizza slices residing in the fridge are never mine, coz I would have certainly devoured the whole thing at the first sitting. Should I however steal/luck upon any, they will not end up in the microwave, as most do. I prefer mine cold straight from the box in the fridge, not a limp microwaved wedge. Best of all though, is to turn your toaster on its side and heat it up that way. It’ll give you that appropriate breakfast feeling too.

For me, next day pizza is best out the box or heated in the toaster, NOT microwaved      UHG
I've been thinking it would be rather fun to have a once-a-week, pizza take out night right here in our neighbourhood… foraged toppings of course.
What do you think????