Monday, November 28, 2016


Good old favourite nasturtiums, always at the ready to brighten a winters day     Illustrations by Esther Cooper- Wood
Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by Esther Cooper-Wood, a visiting food illustrator from England. She was interested in doing a little foraging during her stay in Cape Town. We agreed that she would join us during a few routine foraging missions and in return she would represent her experience with some drawings for our use. All in all it turned out to be a rather happy arrangement for both parties.

 Nasurtium-mania                           Illustrations by Esther Cooper-Wood
While Esther was here we managed a couple of outings. The first was a costal mission and the second a brief neighborhood exploration.

Scattered about this blog are a few representations of our food adventures, quickly knocked up by Esther.
Enjoy…. I did.

All these 'yummies' are ready and waiting right on our doorstep                              Illustrations by Esther Cooper-Wood
Our spontaneous West Coast Mussel lunch                                                             Illustrations by Esther Cooper-Wood
Esther 'smashing a pesto into existence'                                                  Pic. UHG
Esther, the illustrator herself collecting the last of the season nasturtiums                                                              Pic. UHG
A huge thanks to Esther for the fun times, fine bread baking, pesto making and of course for the beautiful illustrations.

If you want to see some of Esthers' beautiful work please check out her site below.

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