Friday, June 08, 2012

Ghazala's Proper Chicken Kebabs

My Favourite, Chicken Tikka with Roti                                                                                                                                   Mans

Our offices are in Walmer Estate, just one block away from the best fast food joint around, so on a regular basis my business partner, Mans (also “The Urban Hunter Gatherer’s” food photographer) and I enjoy, what Ghazala’s Food and Café has to offer. We are typical boring middle-aged men, who always end up ordering the same old thing. The Chicken Tikka Kebabs are ridiculously delicious. I like mine with the very green dhania sauce.

Fresh from Pakistan, Tanvee secured a piece of pavement outside a dilapidated corner café. He set up an authentic charcoal griller and started a neighbourhood fast food stand; making grilled chicken pieces, chicken kebabs and 'boerie rolls'. Now, a few years down the track Tanvee has taken over the corner café and has given it a facelift, but kept its authenticity and called it Ghazala’s Food and Cafe. The café stocks basic household stuff, but it is the take away food that makes this spot very special.

Getting my Laughing Gear around my Favourite         Mans
On Fridays and Sunday Ghazala’s sell well over seven hundred portions of mouth watering bryani, for which customers are happy to drive form Durbanville to get their quota. Of course they also serve the Cape Town classic, a Gatsby. It’s even  worth a visit just for the fried chips.

So if you work in town, it’s only a few minutes drive to a fantastic 'pavement' or ‘take back to the office’ lunch, and if you are in the hood on a sunday, don’t forget about the bryani. Hell man, even if you live in Baufort West, it’s worth 'the bryani drive', to Ghazala's Food and Cafe on the corner of Park Road and Coronation Road in Walmer Estate. Just be prepared to stand in a queue, or you can pre order on 021-4485270.

Tanvee, a Scholar and a Gentleman                                                                                                                                         Mans

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