Friday, January 25, 2013


21st Century Sous Vide Chicken with an Old School Pesto.                                                                              Andrew

Like our Hunter Gatherer ancestors, I still live in the Stone Age. Wot I'm saying is, I’m a technophobe. Anything digital has me pushing beads (thatz sweating by the way). Give me things with dials and I might start to relax. I consider, been able to post this blog as a serious technical achievement.
Yeah for me…

The Sous Vide kit                        Me
My foodie friend and associate from ‘The Urban Feasts’, Harry Melck, is a part owner of two successful London restaurant’s ( Anyhoo, he used a sous vide technique to cook a pigs' heart for our terrine at our ‘Pigs Can Fly’ event. The heart was ridiculously yummy, so against every fiber in my being, I decided to give this contemporary technique a go. Harry suggested that I should try some skinless chicken breasts, so using his fancy kit, that’s just what Stef and I did.

Foraged pine nuts                                                                Me
Basically, Sous Vide is a technique of cooking, where you put your ‘chompables’, (chicken breasts in this case) into a vacuum-sealed bag and then cook it in a temperature controlled water bath. We kept our chicken breasts in 60°C water for 1-½ hours. Then we slapped them onto a scorching griddle just to give them some color. They tasted tender, succulent and delicious.

Stefs' hourly rate is huge, thatz why pine nuts cost so much Ha ha.             Me
Coz we were going all high tech, I thought to balance things out, we should go ‘Old School’ with some part of our dish. A basil pesto seemed the obvious choice, coz I had plenty of basil in the garden and a jar of foraged pine nuts, given to me by my friend Gill, but wot excited me the most was that I could at last use my traditional stone grinder that I pilfered from Mums’ garden. Andrew Cole a no nonsense bloke and a no nonsense chef was taking the pics for the blog. When I started to clean out the neglected grindstone that was lying in a forlorn part of the garden, he rolled his eyes in frustration at how I always chose to complicate things, non the less he humored me. When Andrew took a pic of the pated dish, he was unhappy with the color of the yummy pesto that Stef had made, so he dressed another plate and took further pics. I agree that the pics of the pestoless plate looked better, but then without the pesto, how could I balance the 'new' with the 'old', or ‘The Urban’ with ‘The Hunter Gatherer’. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to use any the pesto pics for this blog.

Stone-age Basil Pest on the way                         Andrew
The dish without the pesto                                        Andrew
So sorry Andrew, you’ll just have to humor me once again. Shot for the pics though… 

Just so you get an idea of wot shenanigans go down to get these blogs out. I'm using my longest surf board as a reflector, while Stef, who is showing plenty of leg skin makes the pesto. In the background is Ingrid (Prague) cracking open pine nuts. Thanks all.                                                                                                                                       Andrew

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