Saturday, January 12, 2013


This, in about the same time it takes to make a couple slices of toast                                               Mans

This Urban Hunter Gatherer thing is wonderful and all, however not everybody has the food passion or the luxury of time, like I do. Coz city living is a crazy busy thing; people just simply don’t have the time to go foraging or to go through the processes of making food from scratch. Often, I just want a good ‘healthy’ chow that will take about as long as it does to prepare a slice or two of toast. So here is my quick fix 2-minute noodle dish.

And for color, a few shavings of carrot                   Mans

Wot You Need
(This was wot I had in the fridge the day we shot the dish – hell man, use whatever you've got)

-        A packet of two minute noodles with it’s broth seasoning
-        1 and half cups of water
-        A small clove of garlic, finely chopped
-        A small nubbin of ginger, finely chopped
-        Fresh chili, to taste
-        1 or 2 sliced spring onions
-        Shavings (veggie peeler) of 1 carrot
-        A few sliced mushrooms
-        Chopped fresh coriander or basil

Wot To Do 

Pop a pot of water on the stove, while waiting for it to boil, chop/crush your garlic, ginger and chili and add to the water, also throw in the mushrooms and sachet of the noodle flavoring (of course, a home made clear stock is first prize). When the water comes to a boil, toss in the noodles, as soon as they are just cooked, toss in the rest of the ingredients and that’s that. You are now ready to get stuck in. If you feel the need, a squeeze of lemon or better still a lime and a splash of soy is rather splendid. First, I like to cup the bowl in my hands and sip the broth and only then get stuck into the noodles and other goodies with a fork.

How quick wozzat?                                                                          Mans

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